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admin August 15, 2020

Kamala Harris, former Vice-President Biden’s choice for running mate, is an accomplished national politician and was a candidate for the nomination herself.  With 59% of likely voters saying it was probable that Biden’s vice-president would become the chief executive over the course of his term, she is guaranteed an outsized role in the campaign. Her candidacy […]

admin July 3, 2020

The US presidential election is in its deceptive summer phase.  Joe Biden has a commanding lead over Donald Trump in the polls but it is an advantage that is unlikely to last as the campaign is fully joined by both sides. Traditionally the contest starts with the nominating conventions in late August but interest and coverage are already […]

admin July 3, 2020

The bleak outlook for the labour market implies there is a strong case for measures to boost consumer spending in order to keep the recovery on track. A host of instruments can be considered: vouchers, VAT rate cuts, income tax cuts, tax credits, negative income taxes. Amongst these, a voucher programme offers many advantages given […]