Money Convert Services | Online Money Transfer in Bangladesh


Safe Pay TM is introduced as one of the most leading and reputed organizations in the fraternity of foreign money exchange services and its relevant transactions. We offer digital money transfers in a convenient manner offering instant solutions and access. We allow conversion of currencies like the dollar to Bangladesh currency (taka) and so on through our efficient e-wallet payment solutions. And the best part is that we accept Skrill, Neteller, Payza, Payoneer, PayPal, and other such payment processors. There are various people who need to travel from one country to another for numerous reasons. And hence, the need for foreign money exchange services is the highest there. However, in general, it is an initiative formed to acquire a successful money transfer in Bangladesh. 

Nowadays, digitization is playing a crucial role in our lives in both personal and professional terms. And when it comes to businesses, the Internet is a blessing. It not only connects us to the outer world but also performs an excellent role in expanding and enhancing the businesses around the globe. However, businesses, basically, involves the exchange of money with goods and services. As we all know that different countries have different currencies. Thus, every individual (being a traveller or a businessperson) needs a perfect and easy foreign money exchange service. No matter whether you are travelling for leisure or business, forex services are of paramount significance. 

We are committed to render convenient online money transfers related to business or personal matters like overseas transfer of money to friends and family. Literally, our basic focus is to meet all your currency exchange requirements in a simple, lenient and quick manner to support you to travel, trade or transfer (money) smoothly. This will let you lead a relaxed, happy and progressive life and makes you feel contented from the bottom of your heart.